"A corset, its strings undone"

"Pressure point treatment"

"Pearl on a shoestring"

"Black Pearl, in stormy waters"


"Safe in its shell, the pearl flashes daringly ..."

"Hold me tight, today, tonight"

"Hold me tight, today, tonight"


"Keyhole / Key"


"Viewport to the soul"

"Accelerated heart beat"

"Dark is the night"

Uncertainty principle

Freedom is essential in any relationship. But so are ties.

The pearl's shine reflects the sparkle of a relationship, the pearl's freedom and movement its uncertainty.
Jingling, they explore the limits of their liberty and yet always gravitate back to each other.

And then, there are ties that are purely virtual, intentional and self-imposed,
where the pearl's freedom is limited only by the volitional act of putting on the ring,
the pearl then suspended between the ring on one side, and the mind on the other.